NCLOR Four Year Anniversary

April 1st 2013, marked the four year anniversary of the “production go live” date for the North Carolina Learning Objects Repository. Since that first roll out, the NCLOR has grown into a mature and robust system with over 16,000 individual high quality resources. The NCLOR is integrated into 57 of the 58 community college learning management systems and 556,460 pages have been viewed by 110,300 users. Users from 139 different countries have visited the NCLOR in the past 4 years but 88,104 visits are directly from North Carolina educators and students. (see Figure 1 below)

NCLOR User distribution map Image

Figure 1: NCLOR User distribution map for North Carolina from Dec 2009 to Apr 2013

The future of the NCLOR looks brighter and ever.  In the last year, the NCLOR has expanded to include a more integrated partnership K-12 or the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI). In this effort, NCLOR has worked with the DPI leadership to integrate the application into the overarching K-12 Race-to-the-Top Initiative federal grant strategy.

The success NCLOR is not possible without the hard work and dictation of all the team members of the Learning Technology System division of the NCCCS System Office, the distance learning and library administrators at all of the NCCCS colleges, and our NC Office of Information Technology  Services and Pearson –Equella partners.

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