SIATech English Language Arts Resources Added to NROC Collection

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Open to NCCCS Faculty Only

Our friends over at the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) have added a new English Language Arts collection to their library. This English collection joins the other NROC subjects available in the NCLOR. The other subjects available from NROC are: Algebra, American Government, Biology, Calculus, Developmental Math, Environmental Science, Physics, Psychology, Religion, Statistics, and US History.



SIAtech LogoThe new collection is published by SIATech, a public charter high school with campuses nationwide. The collection includes units on grammar fundamentals, writing strategies and reading strategies. The collection consists of  3 units and 20 lessons. The lessons included in the units cover the following: Pre-writing Tips, Pronouns, Other Punctuation Marks, Social Responsibility Story, Understanding Poetry, Capitalization, Avoiding Shifts in Person, Active and Passive Verbs, Writing a Thesis Statement, Reading Strategies, Evaluating Informational Text, Word Analysis, Dramatic Literature Comprehension, Literary Text Comprehension, Sentence Structure, Fragments and Run-Ons, Word Agreement in Sentences, Writing Biographical Narratives and Expository Compositions, and Persuasive Essays.

SIAtech Pronouns screenshot

Screenshot from the “Pronouns” learning object in the English Language Arts Collection from SIATech

Accessing Content: To find this content you can do any of the following:

  • Search by free text for: “SIAtech”
  • Browse by NROC resource series: Navigate to the Browse by Resource Series area> click on the NROC series> Subject Area> English
  • Browse by NCCCS Combined Course Library: Click on Browse Course Subjects E-G > ENG080 or ENG085

Important Note: Due to NROC license agreement this series is only available to NCCCS Faculty.


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