Art of Problem Solving series added to the NROC collection

Icon_AoPSThe Art of Problem Solving series has now been loaded to the NCLOR. Art of Problem Solving develops math educational materials for high-performing math students in grades 6-12. The subjects included in this series are: Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, and Counting & Probability. This content is made available from the through the NROC collection. The topics included in the subjects are: Data and Statistics, Decimals, Equations and Inequalities, Exponents, Fractions and more.

Example: Art of Problem Solving- Pre-Algebra (Expressions with Fractions)

Accessing Content: To find this content you can do any of the following:

  • Search by free text for: “Art of Problem Solving”
  • Browse by NROC resource series: Navigate to the Browse by Resource Series area> click on the NROC series> Subject Area> Elementary Mathematics
  • Browse by NCCCS Combined Course Library: Click on Browse Course Subjects E-G > DMA010-DMA080

Important Note: Due to NROC license agreement this series is only available to NCCCS Faculty. You can however find the resources available directly from Art of Problem Solving .

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