INTELECOM Content Removal Notice for NCCCS Faculty

Intelecom LogoContent Removal Notice (NCCCS Faculty Only)

The North Carolina Community College System Office is currently in the process of reviewing contracts for resource materials available to all NCCCS colleges via the NCLOR. To that end, the System Office will not be renewing the contract with INTELECOM for two of the three video series they have purchased in the past. This content has only been available for NCCCS users.  The System Office will not renew the Allied Health and Philosophy video series that include “The Human Condition” and “The Examined Life” video series originally added to the NCLOR on October 10, 2014. The NCLOR staff will be removing the content from the NCCCS premium content collection on March 19th. The NCCCS will however be renewing all of the Adult Education video series which includes: “Crossroad Café”, “Madison Heights”, and “On Common Ground” series. The System Office will not renewing the content because NCLOR statistics shows low popularity for these resources by NCCCS educators.

If you currently use any of the content that will be removed, please plan accordingly. Any links to the removed content in LMS based courses will cease working after March 19th, 2016. The NCCCS System Office apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this action may cause.

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