New Closed Caption Features added to NCLOR

There are currently thousands of videos, stored in or linked, in the NCLOR that include closed captions. In an effort to make the NCLOR more accessible and help NCCCS faculty find ADA compliant resources, a filter to view only videos that have closed captions has been added to advance searches.

On the NCCCS advance searches, a selection to only return videos or interactive resources that include closed captions has been added to the option set. (shown in image 1 below)

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.13.16 PM

Image 1: Screenshot of closed caption option on the “Discipline, Level, or Resource Type” advanced search.

Reminders of the need to use closed captions when contributing video resources to the NCLOR have also been added to the each of the NCCCS collection wizards. The reminder is configured to display when the user selects “Video” from the learning resource type option. (shown in image 2 below)


Image 2: Screenshot of closed caption reminder when adding video resources with arrows highlighting the options.

To search for closed caption videos:

  1. login to the NCLOR
  2. click the “Search” button on the left-hand menu, use the “Within all Resources” dropdown list to select “Discipline, Level, or Resource Type” from the Advanced searches list
  3. select the “Closed Captioned” option and then click the “Search” button to return results



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