NCLOR Tutorials Updated

Recently the NCLOR tutorials have been updated with new assessment material. At the end of each tutorial, a page named “Check Your Understanding” has been added.  The check your understanding assessments are for user guidance only and meant to reinforce important NCLOR concepts.

The new “Check Your Understanding” assessment pages have been added to the following tutorials:

  • Using the NCLOR with Blackboard 9.1x
  • Using the NCLOR with Moodle 2.8 & Higher
  • Using the NCLOR with Canvas
  • Searching the NCLOR Using Basic, Advanced and Browse
  • How to Contribute
  • Resource Management

The instructions below explain some the features within the assessments and how to access the exercises from the tutorials.


On any tutorial, click “Check Your Understanding” link and then click the “Start the exercise” link.


After the quiz page is displayed, click the “Next” button to begin the exercise.


After submitting the exercise, you can review your results by clicking on the “View your score” link or you can click the “Submit another response” to complete the exercise again.


Near the top of the results page, you can view your score for each attempt. 

Passing the assessments is not a prerequisite for NCLOR access but is recommended for user success.

All scores are anonymous and are not shared with any third party.

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