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Expiration message repaired

Due to an inaccurate expiration key, the expiration message appeared on our site.  A new key has been installed and the problem resolved.   We have also asked the vendor to eliminate these messages from our site.  They are inappropriate for users causing them nothing but concern and stress.  In the future, it is planned for the NCLOR team to directly receive a message via email for our attention and action.

Faulty expiration message

Today we were greeted by a message on the NCLOR web site that said:

Warning: The site license will expire on 30-Jun-2009 12:00:00″

This is not accurate and we are trying to resolve the problem asap.

Explore the LOR

If you have faculty or staff who would like to explore the LOR or contribute resources, a login is needed. By simply clicking the “Request Account” link on our home page < > they will be assigned login credentials that would provide them with far more materials than those a guest user could view.

Logo Chosen

After many iterations and back and forth discussion, our logo and slogan have been chosen. It will be used on our new web site, presentations, and teaching/marketing materials.

A new home page is being developed incorporating our new logo. It will have links to training, news, resources, and of course, the NCLOR. We hope to have this new page ready by the end of June 2009.

Training and Marketing

Now that we have a stable environment, we turn our efforts to training and marketing.  This week, we are putting the finishing touches on a new logo and portal page for the NCLOR.  We are also working on the training materials necessary to get users familiar with the NCLOR.  Once things are in place, we will begin our public relations effort, hopefully by late June.  This should allow teachers enough time to prepare classes for the fall using the NCLOR.

Peet Horticultural Collection added

We successfully loaded the first batch of horticulture images from Dr. Mary Peet,  Professor, Department of Horticultural Science, NCSU.  These 716 images are part of a 3,000+ image collection; we hope to add the remaining images in batches throughout June.

All images were resized to 600×800 which added consistency and reduced the storage size from 2.3 GB to 170MB.

Thanks Dr. Peet for the contribution.

Equella QA5 upgrade complete

The upgrade to Equella QA5 was completed over the Memorial Day weekend without any significant problems.  It appears that the problems with FTCC federation and the Blackboard building block have been resolved.  As we move forward this week with VLC contributions and modifications via Blackboard, any problems will become apparent very quickly.

Upgrade to Equella QA5 scheduled

Team NCLOR will be taking advantage of the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend to install Equella 3.2 QA5.  Ours tests indicate that this upgrade will fix the FTCC federation problem, but we will still have the Blackboard issue with the update button.  TLE and Blackboard folks are looking into this problem.  Perhaps Q6 will fix this?

Upgrade status

Federating with FTCC was not cured by the upgrade to QA4.  We are now required to upgrade to QA5 to implement the fix.  Thus, on May 18, QA5 was installed on our test server.   It appears that FTCC is federating correctly in QA5, but the update function in the Blackboard building block is not functioning properly.  When clicking the update button on any Equella item in a Blackboard course, the screen turns blank and nothing reappears.  TLE is looking into the problem.

Upgrade to QA4

For the most part, the upgrade to Q4 went well.  Our problem with the Blackboard building block has been resolved.  The only remaining problem at this time involves federating with FTCC’s 3D collection.  When doing a search, the results are returned correctly, but the user is asked to provide login credentials when trying to view a record.  The programming folks at The Learning Edge, creators of Equella, are working on the solution.

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