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Upgrade to Equella QA4 scheduled

We have been struggling with two bugs in the current QA3 release:

  • Broken links with the Blackboard building block
  • Federation with our FTCC partner

An upgrade to QA4, scheduled for the evening of May 13, should repair both these problems.

Virtual Microscope now online

The Virtual Microscope folks have come through with a solution for automatically passing through users from the NCLOR or their LMS courses.  This now provides students and teachers with one less password to remember, one less CD to search, and painless pass through to the Virtual Microscope.  We are excited to have this working.

NROC online

We are happy to report that NROC lessons and topics, over 4,900 items, are now available to community colleges throughout North Carolina.  NROC materials cover:

Algebra, Algebra (Spanish), American Government, Biology, Calculus, Calculus (Spanish), Environmental Science, Physics, Psychology, Religion, Statistics, and US History.

NCLOR Team meeting

Today the team meets at the Wilson County Public Library for a mini-retreat to regroup, review lessons learned, and plan for for future growth.  We’ve hit a few speed bumps along the way that have slowed progress and we intend to put procedures and policies in place that will alleviate issues in the future.  But in general, things are looking good and we are looking forward to a successful 2009 and beyond.

April 2009 plans

Lots going on at the NCLOR.  In April, we hope to accomplish:

  • The NROC content loaded by mid-April
  • Federation with the FTCC 3D collection
  • Add the NCSU horticulture collection
  • Add the Virtual Microscope collection
  • Memorandum of Agreement completed by mid-April
  • General tweaks and clean-up

March 2009 update

It was an amazing March for the NCLOR Team.  The following were accomplished:

  • Moved into production
  • Administration training done
  • Cleaning and weeding current resources
  • Tweaking of moderation instrument
  • Located two free online survey instruments (Lime; PollDaddy) to be used for asking the NCLOR community anything we wish
  • Upload of eBooks (Jobs & Careers)

April will be just as exciting!

eBooks online

Twenty seven full-text eBooks from The Learning Express have been uploaded and are available for your reading pleasure.  Timely topics focus on jobs and job related skills.  We welcome our new partner and we greatly appreciate their contribution.

Soft production

The NCLOR entered into production phase on March 31, 2009.  As we continue to smooth out the edges and create support materials, we will slowly build our collection while introducing the NCLOR to North Carolina faculty across the state.   Once everything is in place, more large scale promotion efforts will begin to take shape.

Move to production schedule set

During the week of 25 March  2009, if all goes as planned, we will be moving the current pilot NCLOR into production.  Test items and those that were clearly created for experimentation purposes have been removed.  Each group has been assigned the task of cleaning up only live records; those in moderation may remain untouched since their status will not change with the move to the new production server.  Here is the proposed schedule:

March 23 – 25 Testing
March 25 – 27 Cleanup of individual records
March 30 @ 8PM – Freeze – The NCLOR will be unavailable
March 31 – Test and unfreeze at 8PM
April  1 – Live

eBooks on the way

The NCLOR will be receiving 27 eBooks from The Learning Express.  Focus will be on the following areas:  Health Occupations, Writing Skills, Job & Career, and Workplace Skills.  Target date for the batch upload is April 1, 2009.

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