Benefits to Using the NCLOR

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For Academic Administrators

Standards Alignment – Resources can be “tagged” with learning standards to enhance alignment with curriculum.

Vendor Content Availability – When possible, content purchased by the NC Dept. of Public Instruction on state-wide contracts is made available to LEAs directly in the NCLOR.

For Faculty

The NCLOR has multiple uses to help you design, develop, and deliver courses.

Smart Content Storage and Digital Resource Management – You can centralize content within the NCLOR, and then share content across multiple platforms and resources, such as across departments. You have control over who access and uses the content. The content can also be linked or integrated with an LMS, reducing duplication, maintenance. and cost.

Collaborative Development – You can use the NCLOR to create learning resources, using built-in course content authoring tools. This developed content can then be delivered through an LMS. The NCLOR has versioning control so users will see the most updated version while still being able to view the history of older versions. Teamwork is simplified as learning content can be shared and developed in collaboration.

Resource Management for Course Creation and Delivery – NCLOR stores learning objects to use for course creation. You can access existing content within the NCLOR to use “as is” for course development or choose to modify the objects for your specific purposes. Updates are done on one centralized file, streamlining updates, maintenance, and version control.

For Technology Directors

One-Stop-Shop – The NCLOR supports a wide variety of content files including but not limited to the following: MS Office, PDF, Audio, Video, HTML and many others. This allows you to have a consistent procedure for handling all instructional files.

Dynamic Searching – Metadata elements are the backbone of the NCLOR, and are mapped to controls used to create Contribution pages and to conduct search. This makes searches easier and more focused. Schemas provide structure and organization to data – and they ensure that there are consistent labels and locations for the items you add to a collection.

Support – The NCLOR Service Manager also sets up all accounts and user groups according to your needs. As part of our support, we walk you through our existing metadata nodes to match them to your needs.

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