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NCLOR now on Facebook

Facebook logoThe North Carolina Learning Object Repository now has a Facebook page. On the Facebook page, you can become a Fan of the NCLOR, discuss topics with other NCLOR users, make requests for integrations for the NCLOR staff and much more.

To access the NCLOR Facebook page, you can click on the Facebook icon on the NCLOR homepage ( or go to…NCLOR Facebook Page

Also on the NCLOR homepage ,you can add NCLOR as a bookmark on Delicious account or Tweet about the NCLOR on Twitter.

Tutorials ready for use

Orientation and tutorials that cover aspects of everyday NCLOR usage are now online.  Visit our training resources page < > for a complete guide.

Portal page online

Our new portal page < > is now in production.  Links to resources, tutorials, login, password requests, etc. can all be accessed from this one main page.

Wikipedia entry now available

The NCLOR Wikipedia article is now available.  It provides greater detail about the background and history of this project along with technical details.  Please visit.

Training materials being created

The training committee is busily creating materials for orientation and use of the NCLOR.  The following topics are being considered:

  • What is the NCLOR?
  • General orientation for first time users
  • Searching
  • CMS/LMS orientation
  • How to contribute
  • Contribution tools (Softchalk, Camtasia, etc.)
  • Moderation

We hope to have this all in place by late July so that faculty will be ready to use the NCLOR this coming Fall.

Explore the LOR

If you have faculty or staff who would like to explore the LOR or contribute resources, a login is needed. By simply clicking the “Request Account” link on our home page < > they will be assigned login credentials that would provide them with far more materials than those a guest user could view.

Training and Marketing

Now that we have a stable environment, we turn our efforts to training and marketing.  This week, we are putting the finishing touches on a new logo and portal page for the NCLOR.  We are also working on the training materials necessary to get users familiar with the NCLOR.  Once things are in place, we will begin our public relations effort, hopefully by late June.  This should allow teachers enough time to prepare classes for the fall using the NCLOR.

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