How Does My Institution Benefit?

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How Does My Institution Begin?
What Does My Institution Need to Know?

The main benefit is that the NCLOR can save you time and money.

This a centralized repository houses your learning and teaching resources with secured, 24/7 access. You can also vet your content for copyright, manage and offer materials through websites and portals, and monitor content versions.

Smart Content Storage and Digital Resource Management

You can centralize content within the NCLOR, and then share content across multiple platforms and resources, such as across departments. You have control over who access and uses the content. The content can also be linked or integrated with an LMS, reducing duplication, maintenance and cost.

Collaborative Development

Collaborative development simplifies teamwork and collapses development time. With the NCLOR you create learning resources using built-in course content authoring tools, then deliver the content through an LMS. Versioning control allows users to see the most updated version while still being able to view the history of older versions.

Resource Management for Course Creation and Delivery

NCLOR stores learning objects to use for course creation. You can access existing content within the NCLOR to use “as is” for course development or choose to modify the objects for your specific purposes. Updates are done on one centralized file, streamlining updates, maintenance, and version control. It’s simply, easy, and fast.

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