New Account Information

Before completing the new account request form below, you should take into consideration the following information.

  1. Only North Carolina K-12, Community Colleges or University faculty/staff members can request a named account.
  2. All NC community colleges have had their learning management systems (Blackboard or Moodle) integrated directly with the NCLOR. This means NCCCS faculty/staff do not need to request an account with this form unless they wish to do any of the following: * View or share NCLOR resources with students without using a LMS. * Contribute content to any collection in the repository.
  3. All North Carolina K-12 educator accounts are managed via the NC EdCloud IAMs. Therefore, no account request is needed.  (Click here to view more information about k-12 accounts.)

New Account Form

Collection Access

By default, NCCCS faculty and staff receive access to the following collections: any open educational resources, the North Carolina Community College Only collection (includes premium content), the Higher Education Only collection, PBS LearningMedia collection, Virtual Learning Community collection, and some K-12 focused collections. Any special collection access is granted on an as-needed basis. See the Optional Special Collection Access, for more information.

(Optional) Special Collection Access (by permission only)
Only select an option below if your job duties require access to the listed collections or you have permission of the collection owner. Therefore, if you are not already familiar with the collections listed below, do NOT select any of the options available.