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UCI Open Content added to OER collection

uci_open_bluesmToday, seventy resources from UCI Open was added to the open educational resource series collection in the NCLOR. The University of California, Irvine’s UCI Open is a web-based repository of various UC Irvine courses and video lectures from UC Irvine faculty, seminar participants, and instructional staff. While the great majority of courses are drawn from graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education programs, some were originally produced under grant funding to serve specific needs in California and elsewhere. UCI Open is open and available to the world for free.

The resources added in this series are complete courses that include materials such as; lecture videos, presentations, handouts, and practice assessments. The course resources in this series are from disciplines that include: Arts, Biological Sciences, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences, Social Ecology, and Social Sciences.

Example: General Chemistry 1A. Lecture 01. Introduction to General Chemistry. Brindley, Amanda UCIrvine. 

All UCI Open content is licensed under the Creative Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The list below shows the number of courses in each subject area included in the series.

  • African American Studies (1)
  • Anthropology (1)
  • Chemistry (17)
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering (1)
  • Classics (1)
  • Developmental & Cell Biology (1)
  • Earth System Science (5)
  • Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (1)
  • Economics (2)
  • Education (3)
  • International Studies (1)
  • Mathematics (8)
  • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (4)
  • Music (1)
  • Physics & Astronomy (9)
  • Planning, Policy, and Design (2)
  • Political Science (3)
  • Psychology & Social Behavior (3)
  • Public Health (5)
  • Sociology (1)

The NCCCS courses that these resources may supplement are; ASM111, AST152, BIO092, BIO145, BUS225, CHM090, CHM131, CHM132, CHM135, CHM151, CHM152, CHM251, CHM252, CHM271, CIV250, DMA065, ECO251, ECO252, EDU216, EDU280, EGR111, ENV110, ENV120, ENV222, ENV255, HIS121, HIS221, HIS222, HIS223, MAT142, MAT152, MAT171, MAT172, MAT252, MAT263, MEC261, MEC265, MEC267, MUS111, NAN112, PHY110, PHY121, PHY122, PHY131, PHY252, POL110, POL220, PSY150, and SOC250.

To access these resources, you can do any of the following:

  • Since these resources are open, you can access the series via Guest Access here:  UCI Open or log into the NCLOR and click on the More button on the left menu bar. Then click the Resource Series link and then click the UCI Open – University of California, Irvine link.
  • If you are K-14 faculty, you can add the links to the resources directly to your LMS based course. (learn how)

Eight New NROC Collections Added to the NCLOR


Available to NCCCS Only

The content available in the NCLOR from NROC has been updated with eight new collections. The eight new collections are: The Concord Consortium Collection, NMSU Learning Games Lab Collection, Mt. San Jacinto College Collection, Chattanooga State Technical College Collection, BioInteractive Collection, APES in a Box Collection, Virginia Historical Society Collection, and NASA eClips Collection. The NROC Project provides core academic rich multimedia content–videos, animations, and simulations–on general education subjects to middle-school, high-school teachers, college professors and their students. Over 490 new resources have been added to the NROC collection. These resources join the other 2,800+ items already available for NCCCS faculty use.


The Concord Consortium Logo The Concord Consortium is a collection of Revolutionary Digital Learning items for Science, Engineering, and Math. The Concord Consortium is a nonprofit educational research and development organization based in Concord, Massachusetts. The courses in the NCCCS combined course library that could be support by this content include: CHM081, CHM082, PHY080, BIO090, MAT121, PHY101, EHS115.  Number of items added = 41  Subjects included = Biology, Algebra, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental science


Chattanooga State Technical Community College LogoThe Chattanooga State Technical Community College collection includes topics in Religion & Chemistry of Global Climate Change. The courses in the NCCCS combined course library that could be support by this content include: CHM081, CHM082, CHM1312,CTC120, ENV110, ENV120, ENV222, ENV234, EPP112, HIS117, HUM122, NAN251, NUC110, PHS121, PHS140, REL110, REL111, REL112, REL221, SOC250, WAT3200.  Number of items added =177  Subjects included = Religion, Chemistry, Atmospheric science, Climatology


BioInteractive Logo The BioInteractive collection includes Cutting-edge Science Animations and Videos. BioInteractive series of films brings compelling stories of scientific discovery, featuring leading scientists in fields ranging from evolutionary biology and genetics to earth science. The courses in the NCCCS combined course library that could be support by this content include: ANT230, BIO094, BIO100, BIO111, BIO250, ENV120, GEL111, MED138, and PHS130. Number of items added =42   Subjects included = Biology, Environmental science


MSJC Mt. San Jacinto College LogoThe Mt.San Jacinto College collection provides Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade course. This course is designed for anyone who wants to become a better writer. If you need to write more clearly for work, prepare for a placement test for a college, or improve your skills for current writing projects, this class is beneficial. Please be aware that basic writers are the targeted audience for this course. The courses in the NCCCS combined course library that could be support by this content include: ENG125, ENG126.  Number of items added =15  Subjects included = English, Writing


NMSU Learning Games Lab Logo New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab collection offers Math Snacks: Animations and Games for Middle School. Math Snacks are short animations and mini-games designed to present mathematics in a very different way. Math Snacks give students, especially those who don’t particularly like math, another way to look at math concepts. The courses in the NCCCS combined course library that could be support by this content include: MAT101.  Number of items added =22  Subjects included = Mathematics, Mathematics education


APES in a BOX Logo APES in a BOX collection contain AP Environmental Science Review courses. APES in a Box is an all-inclusive study guide for the AP Environmental Science exam. APES in a BOX has been updated to reflect changes in the 2011 APES Exam! APES in a Box was written by experienced APES teachers Benjy Wood and Dave Holbert. The courses in the NCCCS combined course library that could be support by this content include: AGR121, AGR170, ALT120, ARG121, ARG170, ATT135, BIO145, EGY3001, EGY3004, EHS115, ELC231, ENV110, ENV120, ENV220, EPP112, FOR175, IVS110, NUC210, and PHS140.   Number of items added =33  Subjects included = Environmental science


Virginia Historical Society LogoThe Virginia Historical Society, founded in 1811  in Richmond, Virginia, is a major repository, research, and teaching center for Virginia history. The mission of the Virginia Historical Society is to connect people to America’s past through the unparalleled story of Virginia.  The courses in the NCCCS combined course library that could be support by this content include: HIS131, HIS132. Number of items added =14  Subjects included = United States history and  State history


NASA eClips LogoNASA eClips™ are short, relevant educational video segments. These videos inspire and engage students, helping them see real world connections. New video segments are produced weekly exploring current applications of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, topics. NASA eClips™ offer unlimited flexibility in the classroom for timing, sequencing and pacing instruction to meet the needs of students and classroom instructors. The courses in the NCCCS combined course library that could be support by this content include: PHY080, PHY090, AST111, ENV120, and CHM092.  Number of items added =147  Subjects included = Astronomy and astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth science, Food science, Physics, and Space sciences


Accessing Content: To find this content you can do any of the following:

  • Search by free text by typing in the collection name: (i.e.“Chattanooga State Technical College” or “APES in a BOX” or “New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab” etc.)
  • Browse by NROC resource series: Navigate to the Browse by Resource Series area> click on the The NROC Project > Sort by Subject Areas or Sort by NROC Collection

Important Note: Due to NROC license agreement this content is only available to NCCCS Faculty.

Nation Science Foundation Resources Updated in NCLOR

National Science FoundationThe National Science Foundation collection is now updated in the NCLOR to include 206 new videos. The National Science Foundation, along with its partners at NBC Learn and CBS News, have created a digital collection of science, technology and engineering related videos. The video series included in this collection are:  Chalk Talk, Changing Planet, Chemistry Now, Green Revolution, Innovation Nation, Profiles of Scientists and Engineers, Road to the New Energy Economy, Science Behind the New, Science Nation, Science in Motion, and The Science of the Summer Olympics.

These new video series join The Science of NFL Football, The Science of NHL Hockey, The Science of Speed (NASCAR), and The Science of the Olympic Winter Games series which were previously made available in the NCLOR.

Science of Summer Olympics

Collection Example: Science of the Summer Olympics: The Biomechanics of Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt holds the World and Olympic records for the fastest time in the 100-meter sprint. Bolt’s stride, strength, and muscle coordination make him not just a biomechanical marvel, but also a gold medal winner at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The subjects included in this collection update are: Agricultural and Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Health Medical Sciences, Information Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

The NCCCS courses that could be enriched by using these resource are: ANT210, BIO130, CHM080, CHM082, CHM3001, CTS287, EDU271, EGR110, ENV110,ENV120, ENV230, FOR171, MSC160, MSC172, MUS110, PHY080, PHY090, SOC210, SOC220, SST110, and SST140.

Accessibility Statement:  All of the videos in this collection are closed captioned or have links to the text version of the video narration.

To access this resource series:

  1. log into the NCLOR  or through your institution’s learning management system (LMS)
  2. navigate to the Browse by Resource Series area
  3. click on the National Science Foundation series.
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