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Science Friday Series Added to NCLOR

scifri_icon2Today, the NCLOR added a 100+ video series from Science Friday (SciFri). For 25 years SciFri introduced top scientists to public radio listeners, and reminded them how much fun it is to learn something new. But it is more than just a radio show. They produce award-winning digital videos, original web articles, and educational resources for teachers and informal educators. All of the work is independently produced by the Science Friday Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the public’s access to science and scientific information. Public Radio International (PRI) distributes the radio show, which you can catch on public radio stations across the U.S.

The videos in this series include topics in the subjects of: Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Design, Earth Science, Engineering, Food Science, Health, and Physics.

Example: “How Owl Turn their Heads” Science Friday, Feb 1, 2013.

The NCCCS courses that these resource may supplement are: ANS111, ART261, ART267, ART281, ART282, ASL250, AST111, AST151, BDF114, BIO090, BIO110, BIO120, BIO130, BIO140A, BIO160, BIO163, BIO165, BIO168, BIO170, BIO173, BIO230, BIO243, BIO250, BIO275, BIO280, BTC260, CHM080, CHM082, CHM090, CHM092, CHM131, CUL142, CUL150, DAN140, DES125, DES135, DES240, DES3000, DME110, EDT110, EDU234, EGR150, EGR230, EGR250, ENV110, ENV218, HIS164, HOR3307, ISC3600, MSC172, MUS110, MUS111, PED211, PHY101, PHY110, PHY122, PSY150, and REL221.

To access these resources, you can do any of the following:

  • Log into the NCLOR and click on the More button on the left menu bar. Then click the Resource Series link and then SciFri – Science Friday.
  • If you are K-14 faculty, you can add the links to the resources directly to your LMS based course. (learn how)

More UNC-TV & PBS LearningMedia resources added to NCLOR

pbs_lm_logoThis week, the  UNC-TV PBS LearningMedia resources were updated in the NCLOR. Over 2,300 resources were added to the 14,000 resources already available. These PBS Learning Media resources are made available to North Carolina Community College users through a partnership between UNC-TV and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). The collection is closed and can only be made available to current NCCCS users in North Carolina.

NCCCS users will have access to over 16,200 media-rich resources especially designed for teachers and students including self-guided lessons, lesson plans, videos, interactives, and hundreds of images. Some of the content added in this update include video clips from series like; NOVA, FRONTLINE, American Experience, PBS NewsHour, and Ken Burns: Jackie Robinson, just to name a few.

Image of start with orbiting plantet

Example: Discovering Planets Outside Our Solar System from the series “Genius by Stephen Hawking”


The subjects included in this collection are: Agricultural and Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Business, Career and Technical Education, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Health Medical Sciences, Information Sciences, Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

This collection is only available to the NCCCS faculty. NC K-12 users have their own PBS collection available.

The NCCCS courses that this content may supplement are: ARC250, ART110, ART111, ART113, ART266, ART281, BIO110, CHM082, CHM092, CHM131, CTS210, CTS285, DES220, DMA010, DMA020, DMA030, DMA040, DMA050, DMA060, DME140, EGR111, ENV110, ENV214, FVP3100, HIS111, HIS112, HIS145, HIS164, HIS167, HIS221, HIS226, HIS227, HIT221, HOR112, JOU110, JOU214, JOU218, JOU242, JPN111, JPN112, MAT171, MUS110, PCF121, PHS130, PHY101, PHY110, POL120, TEX110, TRN110, UAS110, and UPH3000.

To access this collection you can:

  • log into the NCLOR or through your institution’s learning management system
  • navigate to the Browse by UNC-TV-PBS LearningMedia area
  • Or click the search button, then select NCCCS PBS Collection from the “within” dropdown list.

New Smithsonian Education Resource Series Added to NCLOR

Smithsonian Education A Smithsonian Education resource series has been added to the all account holders collection of the NCLOR. This series focuses around the Smithsonian’s “Smithsonian in Your Classroom” and “Smithsonian Art to Zoo” publications. The series is targeted for K-12 students and provides lesson plans for activities that include subjects such as: Art & Design, Culture & Humanities, Language Arts, and Science & Technology. There are 104 resources in this series and range from PDF files of lesson plans to interactive web activities.

You can find the resources by logging into the NCLOR ( or your institution’s learning management system and using the Browse by Resource Series area. You can also type “Smithsonian Education” in the basic search field from anywhere in the NCLOR to find the items.

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