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VLC Webinar Series Added to NCLOR

Six Virtual Learning Community webinars were added to the NC Community College collection this week. This series consists of links to the archives of the webinars as they were given in April of 2011.   The topics covered in this series were: Exploring the NCLOR, Using VLC Courses, Using Rubrics, Creating Quality Online Courses, Writing Measurable Outcomes and Understanding SACS & Student Learning Outcomes. Each webinar is approximately 40 minutes in duration and uses the Adobe Connect player in the web browser.

This webinar series is only available to the North Carolina community college faculty and staff.

The NCCCS faculty and staff can access this series by logging in the NCLOR directly or through their college’s learning management system and enter “VLC Webinar” in the basic search field.

Integration of NCLOR with Softchalk

It is now possible to add the NCLOR as a repository in Softchalk 5 & 6.  Many NCCCS colleges are already using Softchalk but in case you are unfamiliar with it. Softchalk is a powerful web lesson editor that lets you easily create engaging, interactive web lessons for your e-learning classroom. It has the ability to add media directly from learning object repositories.  The following video tutorial will demonstrate how to  add the NCLOR as a media source repository in Softchalk.

Important Notes:

  1. You must have a NCLOR contributor account for the main interface in order to use the Softchalk integration.
  2. Only items available to guest can be imported to Softchalk projects.
  3. Softchalk will only link to item summary pages in the NCLOR.

Academic Conference Presentations added to the NCLOR

The Academic Conference Presentations resource series has been added to the NCLOR. This series will include presentations from the different education conferences held in North Carolina. The first conference to be included in this series is the North Carolina Community College Association of Distance Learning (NC3ADL) conference. For the NC3ADL conference, you will find 26 of the presentations given in November, 2010. The presentations could be in PowerPoint or PDF formats and may include handouts given out at each session. We hope that this series will grow and become the standard archiving choice for all educational related conferences in North Carolina.

To access this resource series:

  1. log into the NCLOR  < > or through your institution’s learning management system (LMS)
  2. navigate to the Browse by Resource Series area
  3. click on the Academic Conference Presentations series.

New 3D Learning Activities Collection added to the NCLOR

A new three-dimensional learning activity (LA) collection has been added to the NCLOR. The i3D collection, created by Fayetteville Tech Community College, represents a powerful new information technology. The small interactive game-like environments increase engagement compared to traditional teaching methods, thereby motivating students to become instantly engaged.

i3D allows for the visualization of information that is difficult to understand, describe textually, or demonstrate two-dimensionally. i3D also allows learners access to equipment or situations that would be prohibitively expensive or too dangerous in the real world. The built-in interactivity provides the means to make knowledge come alive. i3D Learning Activities may have students interact with a single object or immerse themselves in a virtual environment.

The i3D-LAs can be used by individuals, small groups, or whole classes for introducing concepts, remediation or hands-on practice. Teachers can use them in class or assign them for homework. Students can view the i3D-LAs on individual computers, or they can be projected on a screen. Many also incorporate the option for stereoscopic “pop” with the use of special glasses.

Disciplines utilizing i3D Learning Activities range from biology, math, and English to cosmetology, funeral services, surgical technology, and radiography. The 3D activities are available from the NCLOR in a zip file format with an embedded exe file. No media player download is needed to view the activities.

You can access the collection by logging into the NCLOR through your LMS or here , navigate to the Resource Areas and clicking on the Browse by FTCC i3D collection.

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