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New STEM related Resource Series from Wisc-Online added to the NCLOR

A new science, technology, engineering and math related resource series from Wisc-Online has been added to the NCLOR. Over 1000 learning objects  that include subjects ranging from Anatomy and Physiology to Technical Physics are available in this series. There is also a large collection of Health related learning objects as well. The learning objects in this series have been designed and developed by a team of instructional designers, editors, technicians, and student interns from the Wisconsin Technical College System.

To access this resource series:

  1. log into the NCLOR  < > or through your institution’s learning management system (LMS)
  2. navigate to the Browse by Resource Series area
  3. click on the Wisc-Online series.

MIT Open CourseWare Material Added to NCLOR

This series is a collection of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare course materials that reflect undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at MIT. The resources can be complete courses, with audio/ video lectures, assessments and exams, lecture notes or supplemental resources such as lab manuals.  Currently, there are six complete MIT courses uploaded to the NCLOR. Those courses are: Introduction to Biology, Principles of Chemical Science, Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Single Variable Calculus, Introduction to Computer Science and Programming and Introduction to Psychology. More courses will be added later. Also available in the MIT resource series is the MIT Digital Lab Techniques Manual. This manual is a collection of videos that show how to complete various procedures in a laboratory environment.

To review the MIT items log into the NCLOR ( or log into your institution’s LMS and click on Browse by Resource Series and then MIT OpenCourseWare. You can sort by course or manually.

Smithsonian Education Collection Updated

Smithsonian EducationThe NCLOR has updated it’s Smithsonian Education collection with 13 new items. The new items are the Smithsonian Lessons packages. The Smithsonian Lessons are complete packages of learning resources that are designed for specific grade levels. The packages may include many different resources ranging from student handouts, images, lesson plans and directions. All packages have been designed for use in grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12.

You can view the new items by accessing the NCLOR and by selecting: Browse by Resource Series>Smithsonian Education>Sort by Latest Additions.

The packages are in zip file format so item download is required.

Twenty-three new items for grades 6-12 in Math, Science, Art and History from Annenberg Media.

Annenberg MediaTwenty-three new free learning items for grades 6-12 in Math, Science, Art and History have been added to the NCLOR from Annenberg Media.

Annenberg Media has contributed the new “Interactives” items for grades 6-12.  Annenberg Media provides educators and students with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students’ skills in a variety of curricular areas.  You can find the Annenberg items in the NCLOR by browsing the “Browse by Resource Series” area or by searching for “Annenberg Media” in the free text search box.

New Smithsonian Education Resource Series Added to NCLOR

Smithsonian Education A Smithsonian Education resource series has been added to the all account holders collection of the NCLOR. This series focuses around the Smithsonian’s “Smithsonian in Your Classroom” and “Smithsonian Art to Zoo” publications. The series is targeted for K-12 students and provides lesson plans for activities that include subjects such as: Art & Design, Culture & Humanities, Language Arts, and Science & Technology. There are 104 resources in this series and range from PDF files of lesson plans to interactive web activities.

You can find the resources by logging into the NCLOR ( or your institution’s learning management system and using the Browse by Resource Series area. You can also type “Smithsonian Education” in the basic search field from anywhere in the NCLOR to find the items.

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