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Notre Dame University OpenCourseWare added to the NCLOR

University of Notre Dame LogoToday, fifty new courses from the Notre Dame University OpenCourseWare were added to the NCLOR. The Notre Dame OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a free and open digital publication of course materials. By offering free, high-quality course materials to the world, OCW strives to overcome the barriers geography, economics, age and language present to the spread of knowledge.

ND OCW Homepage

This is a screenshot of the Notre Dame University OpenCourseWare website at

The courses included in this resource series have links to lessons, assignments, exams, and additional resources. There are IMS package links in every course in order to download the complete course at one time. The subjects included are: Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Africana Studies, Anthropology, Arabic and Middle East Studies, Architecture, Center for Social Concerns, Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences, Classics, Computer Applications, English, History, Latino Studies, Mathematics, Peace Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Poverty Studies, Sociology, Theology, and University Writing Program.

This is an Open Educational Resource series and you can access this resource series by:

  1. log into the NCLOR  < > or through your institution’s learning management system (LMS)
  2. navigate to the Browse by Resource Series area
  3. click on the Notre Dame University OpenCourseWare series.
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