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Wisc-Online INTERFACE and GAMMA+ content added to OER collection

The NCLOR has added content from two new Wisc-Online projects. Totaling more than 900+ learning resources, the additions are from the Wisconsin Technical College System and Fox Valley Technical College.  The projects are the work products from a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. The projects added to the NCLOR were:

  • INTERFACE is a statewide project with participation from all 16 colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System to develop, improve, and expand adult educational training pathways to careers in information technology-related occupations in Business, Information Technology, Healthcare, Logistics, Automation, and Manufacturing.
  • The GAMMA+ project is designed to help users learn faster and better. College faculty members write mobile learning apps and flashcards for key advanced manufacturing programs.

The topics covered in these projects are; Business administration, Change management, Computer fundamentals, Computer programming, Database development and management, Electrical engineering, Industrial engineering, Knowledge management, Mathematics, Networking Security, Trade and industrial, Web technologies, and Welding.

The projects include tutorial learning objects and flashcard activities for self assessment.  All content is open and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Image of example learning object

Welding Wire Spool Installation Instructions Example from GAMMA+ Project with narration link and toolbar highlighted

The NCCCS courses that these resources may supplement are; ATR281, BAT111, CIS110, CIS111, CIS155, CIS3100, CSC119, CSC143, CSC3110, CTI120, CTI131, CTS240, DBA110, DBA3110, DMA020, DMA030, DMA040, DMA050, ELC111, ELN110, ELN3113, MAC111, MAC112, MAC113, MAC131, MAC132, MEC3010, NET110, NET3100, OMT222, SEC110, SEC160, WEB110, WEB3000, WLD112, WLD265, and WLD3106.

Accessibility Statement:  All of the videos and/or learning objects in this update are closed captioned or have links to the text version of the video narration.

Other U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration Grant content available within the NCLOR are;

To access these resources, you can do any of the following:

  • Since these resources are open, you can access the series via Guest Access here:  Wisc-Online or log into the NCLOR and click on the More button on the left menu bar. Then click the Resource Series link and then click the Wisc-Online link.
  • If you are K-14 faculty, you can add the links to the resources directly to your LMS based course. (learn how)

NCCCS Customized Training Program Resource Series Added to NCLOR

ncccs customized training logo

This video series is a collection of some of the outstanding educational materials that the North Carolina Community College System Customized Training Program has been producing for many years. This content is delivered to NC companies through the network of 58 community colleges. The program fosters and supports three key aspects of North Carolina companies’ well-being in the areas of: Job Growth, Technology Investment, and Productivity Enhancement.
This series is available to North Carolina Community College System account holders only.

NCCCS Customized Training Glass Manufacturing

Example: Glass manufacturing viewing molten glass video

NCCCS Customized Training Furniture Building

Example:  Furniture Building: Building a sofa frame video

The resources from this series may be used in the following courses: Furniture Building- FUR101, FUR102 and FUR3300, Plastics Production Processes -PLA110, PLA115, and PLA162, and Glass Manufacturing- MEC161 and MEC162

To access this resource series:

  1. log into the NCLOR  or through your institution’s learning management system (LMS)
  2. navigate to the Browse by Resource Series area
  3. click on the NCCCS Customized Training series.
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