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History Animated Resource Series updated in NCLOR

History Animated Logo The History Animated resource series was updated with 6 new animations. This collection is a series of   depictions of the key naval and land battles using animation technology. The new animations include 4 on The War of 1812 , 1 on The Mexican American War, and 1 animation about the road to the Civil War.

The NCCCS courses that could be enhanced by using these resources are: HIS131, HIS132, HIS145, HIS216,HIS228.

To access the series you can do any of the following:

  • Log into the NCLOR and click on “Browse by Resource Series” and then the History Animated (Military History) series.
  • If you are NCCCS faculty, you can add the links to the resources directly to your LMS based course. (learn how)
  • Simply, click here to view the series as a guest.
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