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Kurzgesagt Video Series added to the OER collection of NCLOR

Today over 90 video resources were added to the open educational resources collection from Kurzgesagt – German for “In a nutshell“ is a Munich-based YouTube channel and design studio with a unique perspective on design, color and storytelling. They want their work to raise awareness for topics from the fields of science, space, technology, biology, history and philosophy. Their goal is to inspire people to learn – and believe humor and a good story to tell are just as important as straight facts.

Example: Building a Mars base is a Horrible Idea: Let’s do it!,  Kurzgesagt YouTube Channel, Feb 3, 2019

The NCCCS courses that could be enhanced by using these resources are: ANT-220 Cultural Anthropology, AST-111 Descriptive Astronomy, BAF-110 Principles of Banking, BIO-090 Foundations of Biology, BIO-145 Ecology, BIO-250 Genetics, ENV-110 Environmental Science, ENV-255 Envir/Public Hth.Pathogen, GRO-120 Gerontology, PHI-215 Philosophical Issues, PHS-130 Earth Science, PHY-110 Conceptual Physics, and SAB-110 Substance Abuse Overview.

Accessibility Statement:  All of the videos and/or learning objects in this series are closed captioned or have links to the text version of the video narration on of each activity.

To access this series, you can do any of the following:

  • Log into the NCLOR and click on “Browse by Resource Series” and then the Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell series.
  • If you are NCCCS faculty, you can add the links to the resources directly to your LMS based course. (learn how)
  • Simply, click Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell to view the series as a guest.

Georgia Virtual Learning Content Added to OER Collection in NCLOR

Today, over 1100 individual learning modules were added to the open educational resources collection within the NCLOR. This series has been made available from the Georgia Department of Education. The Georgia Virtual Learning (GVL) is a large online repository of learning content used for online instruction. The virtual courses included in this series serve a wide array of student learning styles through interactive and engaging learning content that’s designed for best practice and flexibility. The resources included in this series are the “shared” or the open educational resources created for the Georgia Virtual Learning instruction. There are 94 complete courses included in this collection, in subjects such as: Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and World Languages.

The courses were created by Georgia Department of Education faculty. They are organized in modular format (SoftChalk) with audio/video interactive features and built in navigation. Specific attention was paid regarding ADA compliance with the inclusion of closed caption/audio features as well as universal design.

The courses included in this series are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 Unported LicenseCreative Commons License

In the NCLOR, the courses are sorted by subject area, course name and then module order. Click a subject area listed below, to view the full list of courses available.


Example: “Introduction to Digital Design” – Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education

The NCCCS courses that these resources may supplement are; ACC-125, AIB-110, ART-111, ART-114, ART-115, AST-111, ATR-282, BAF-110, BIO-106, BIO-110, BIO-111, BIO-163, BIO-165, BIO-280, BUS-110, CHM-090, CHM-131, CIS-070, CIS-110, CIS-111, CIS-115, CIS-3100, CJC-111, CJC-251, CJC-5001, CJC-5070, COM-120, DET-112, DMA-030, DME-110, DME-140, ECO-251, EFL-093, ENG-231, ENG-241, ENG-261, ENG-271, ENV-110, ENV-120, FLI-3712, FLI-3714, FLI-3715, FLI-3720, GEL-111, GEO-111, GEO-112, GEO-113, HIS-111, HIS-112, HIS-131, HIS-132, HRD-3008, HUM-130, JOU-110, LAT-111, LAT-112, MAT-110, MAT-121, MAT-122, MAT-171, MAT-271, MKT-227, MUS-110, MUS-121, NUR-3100, PHY-101, PHY-110, PHY-131, PHY-132, POL-120, PSY-150, SGD-112, SGD-3200, SOC-210, SPA-110, WEB-210, and WEB-3000.

Technology Note: Many of the resources in this series use embedded Flash elements within the modules. You should be sure to configure your web browser to accept embedded Flash content.  

To access these resources, you can do any of the following:

  • Since these resources are open, you can access the series via Guest Access here: Georgia Virtual Learning or log into the NCLOR and click on the More button on the left menu bar. Then click the Open Educational Resource Series link and then click the Georgia Virtual Learning link.
  • If you are K-14 faculty, you can add the links to the resources directly to your LMS based course. (learn how)

More UNC-TV & PBS LearningMedia resources added to NCLOR

pbs_lm_logoThis week, the  UNC-TV PBS LearningMedia resources were updated in the NCLOR. Over 2,300 resources were added to the 14,000 resources already available. These PBS Learning Media resources are made available to North Carolina Community College users through a partnership between UNC-TV and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). The collection is closed and can only be made available to current NCCCS users in North Carolina.

NCCCS users will have access to over 16,200 media-rich resources especially designed for teachers and students including self-guided lessons, lesson plans, videos, interactives, and hundreds of images. Some of the content added in this update include video clips from series like; NOVA, FRONTLINE, American Experience, PBS NewsHour, and Ken Burns: Jackie Robinson, just to name a few.

Image of start with orbiting plantet

Example: Discovering Planets Outside Our Solar System from the series “Genius by Stephen Hawking”


The subjects included in this collection are: Agricultural and Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Business, Career and Technical Education, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Health Medical Sciences, Information Sciences, Language Arts, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

This collection is only available to the NCCCS faculty. NC K-12 users have their own PBS collection available.

The NCCCS courses that this content may supplement are: ARC250, ART110, ART111, ART113, ART266, ART281, BIO110, CHM082, CHM092, CHM131, CTS210, CTS285, DES220, DMA010, DMA020, DMA030, DMA040, DMA050, DMA060, DME140, EGR111, ENV110, ENV214, FVP3100, HIS111, HIS112, HIS145, HIS164, HIS167, HIS221, HIS226, HIS227, HIT221, HOR112, JOU110, JOU214, JOU218, JOU242, JPN111, JPN112, MAT171, MUS110, PCF121, PHS130, PHY101, PHY110, POL120, TEX110, TRN110, UAS110, and UPH3000.

To access this collection you can:

  • log into the NCLOR or through your institution’s learning management system
  • navigate to the Browse by UNC-TV-PBS LearningMedia area
  • Or click the search button, then select NCCCS PBS Collection from the “within” dropdown list.

Four New Resource Series from NROC have been added to NCLOR

NROC LogoThe NROC collection in the NCLOR has been updated with four new series. The four new series are: Phoenix College, WhyU, National Geographic Creative Motion, and Moments in American History.  NROC provides core academic rich multimedia content–videos, animations, and simulations–on general education subjects to middle-school, high-school teachers, college professors and their students. Close to 1700 items have been added to this collection.

Phoenix College Logo  The Phoenix college collection includes items from, which is a collection of mini-lessons and example videos with no ads.  The courses that can be supported in the NCCCS combined course library include: DMA065, MAT075, MAT140, MAT271, MAT272, EHS115, ENV110, MAT273, MAT285, MAT280, MAT162, MA040.  1,550 items have been added to the collection from Phoenix college.

 Subjects covered in the Phoenix College Collection are: Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, and SAT Math Practice

WHYU LogoWhy U is funded by the Goldman Charitable Foundation in partnership with the University of Central Florida. The goal of these lectures is to explore fundamental concepts more precisely and in greater depth than is currently possible in most high-school and college-level algebra courses.  The courses that can be supported in the NCCCS combined course library include: MAT285, MAT095, MAT152, DMA050, DMA060, DMA020, DMA010, DMA040,DMA065.

57 Items have been added to the collection from Why U.

Subjects covered in the Why U Collection are: Pre-Algebra Foundational Concepts, Algebra Foundational Concepts, and Infinite Series.

National Geographic Collection LogoThe National Geographic Creative Motion collection spans a 60-year history and embodies the global vision, spirit of adventure and credibility for which National Geographic is recognized worldwide. National Geographic is a Creative Motion collection database comprised of video clips as well as a unique collection of short-form videos available for use in educational markets. The courses that can be supported in the NCCCS combined course library include: HIS114, HIS131, EHS115, ENV110, MAT162. 49 items from this collection have been added to the NCLOR.

Subjects covered in the National Geographic Creative Collection are: Environmental Science, U.S. History, and World History.
Moments in American History LogoThe Moments in American History series was created when the Thorp School District and Central Washington University entered a collaborative partnership with 18 Central Washington school districts, seven universities, four museums, four libraries and a historical society for the purpose of enlisting U. S. History content and expertise. The courses that can be supported in the NCCCS combined course library include: HIS131,HIS132.  37 items from this collection were added.
The subject covered in Moments in American History Collection is U.S. History.

Accessing Content: To find this content you can do any of the following:

  • Search by free text for: “National Geographic Creative Collection” or “Moments in American History” or “WhyU” or “Phoenix College”.
  • Browse by NROC resource series: Navigate to the Browse by Resource Series area> click on the NROC series> Subject Areas

Important Note: Due to NROC license agreement this series is only available to NCCCS Faculty.

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